Sunday, October 17, 2010

Food Allergys

Having food allergy's is like living in a "fun house", everything is out to trick you (hay, ever try to read the ingredients on a small candy bar?) And you get lost in a Maze of all those extra ingredients, that could kill you.... Like "Food Starch" Is it wheat, corn, soy, potato? It drives me nuts!!!!!!

Sometimes I get really tired of it.

This morning I was IMing my son at collage

Me: What do you want for Thanksgiving?
Boy: I don't know
Me: I could make you a Turkey
Boy: but you can't eat Turkey
Me: So? I can eat salad and cranberry sauce
Boy: I don't want to eat something you can't eat!
Me: well I can't do a pork roast, cause you can't eat pork
Boy: True. how about beef?
Me: Beef isn't really a Thanksgiving food :(
Boy: how about Lamb? can you eat Lamb?
Me: Yes! perfect, I make a mean Leg of Lamb!!
Boy: this is a pain you know. LOL
Me: I know, that's why I asked so early

Now what I didn't tell him is that I haven't tried Lamb yet?

I mean Really? How do you add Lamb to an allergy diet??? It's like, and uncommon food! But I can eat beef, so I'm hoping Lamb is cool! I won't eat a lot of it, and I'll take benadryl before hand, just in case!

Now, side dish's???? I can't eat potatoes... make me swell up..... Should I make some for him? Or not? And spinach, asparagus, artichokes, and broccoli are out, for me.... so how about string beans?

So if I make him mashed potatoes, I have to have gravy..... I can't eat gravy cause of the flour in it, but he can.

And so on, and so on and so on.....COOKING SUCKS ANYMORE!


Leeanna said...

WOW!!! I sure does, in your case. I make ham for David on Thanksgiving but I don't eat it. David usually pigs out. I just have a small salad and pie if I feel like it. I don't really care about Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner that much. I always worked the holidays so the family people could have their time together. It's going to be a strange holiday this year since I'm not working.

Diandra said...

Ouch, that's an awful lot of allergies. No surprise you don't like cooking that much...

(I'm fortunate enough that the only things I can't have are pineapple and chili powder, and only in large quantities... but hey, I'm allergic to spider bites and sunlight. *g*)

Lamb, I guess, shouldn't be that much of a problem. Or - have you considered fish? Or maybe even vegetarian Thanksgiving? Hmm, it kinda sounds wrong, I know...

Autumn said...

Wow. That's horrible! I'm only allergic to eggs so baked goods are a problem. I can completely understand why you hate cooking

VintageSage said...

That is SO sad! Lol! I am so thankful I have absolutely no food allergies. I think taking the Benadryl ahead of time is a good idea. I don't care for lamb myself but shoot if that's a meat you can eat I would go for it! :)

The Blue Faerie said...

How about brussel sprouts as a side? You could halve them, and fry them up in a pan with butter, olive oil, lemon juice, salt & pepper. Yummay! :P