Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mad Experiments!

I'm a great believer in cosmetics! I love makeup, and seem to buy new stuff every month!

But my complexion has never been a problem. I don't have much wrinkles, and nary a pimple or blemish mared my face.

Until now. I have noticed as I grow closer to the big 60, and after losing 50 lbs of unsightly fat.... that my face has been changing.

I notice more wrinkles, bags, black circles etc.... so where did I go....THE COSMETIC CENTER!!

YeeeeeHaaaaa, gonna fix my face!!!!! (trotting off to the drugstore, finding the section for skin care.... reading the box's... checking the price's..... fainting dead away!!!!)

Have you seen the prices on the stuff that guarantees to fix you!!!!!!! I don't CARE if it's going to make me look 10 years younger!!!!! I either buy that cream... OR EAT FOR A MONTH!!!!

And, really, how many times have you bought something "guaranteed" to do something, and.... nada, nothing, maybe a mysterious rash, but no change?

So when I found the article printed below, I said.... WTF!!!!

Here I pride myself in being a "Mother Earth" gardener...... compost, all natural, no herbicides etc... and when it comes to my own face.... I SLATHER ON THE CHEMICALS LIKE A MAD WOMAN!!!

Did you know: That cosmetic company's are not forced to check their cosmetics for TOXIC chemicals??? That's right... our food, toys, toilet paper is checked, but the stuff we put on our face's is NOT!!!

So I decided, after reading the article about kitchen beauty, to forgo the chemicals you buy at the cosmetic counter, and try a new approach

And I'm gonna let you all know how it goes!!!! (aren't you all overly excited???)

1st: I used the sugar scrub. Oh YUMMMMM, not only did it feel good, but I had the uncontrollable urge to lick my face! But, scrub it did!! The trick is to just wet your hands, add the sugar, and scrub away!

2nd: after washing off the sugar, I used a cotten ball to apply apple cider vinegar all over my face!
(Note: my eyes watered for like 5 minutes from the vinegar fumes, but then it wore off and my eyes were fine.)

I walked around the house for 45 minutes smelling like an Easter egg!!! My cat refused to come near me! (how rude!)
But I experienced none of the burning I've found from other products I've bought... so smelling funny for a while seemed the better of the two!

3rd: Didn't make it to 45 minutes!!! The smell was getting to me... so I washed it off after 30 minutes. My face felt SMOOTH!!!! REALLY SMOOTH! Baby butt smooth! NICE!

4th: After washing the vinegar off my face, I applied a mask of honey! Kinda sticky, and I had to rub a bit, since it seemed to bead up instead of soak in, but then I let it sit for 30 minutes.... (yeah, occasionally licking my lips, and forcing myself not to lick it all off!!!!

5th: again washing it off. NOTE: must use warm water!!! GIGGLE, but after towel drying it.... mmmmmmmmmm, my skin NEVER FELT SO SOFT! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

6th: Went into kitchen for the olive oil. Hummmmmm, yuck, not sure if this is a good idea.... Olive Oil is like impossible to get out of pans and stuff.... do I want to put it on my face????

7th: put a tiny bit on my hands... I mean just a dab, rubbed my hands together, and slathered it on my face!!! All the time thinking I probably smell like a chiefs salad!!! But, no smell, and the Olive Oil that is impossible to get off Tupperware, just seemed to be sucked in by my skin!!!! leaving no oily sheen on the surface!!!!


Duhhhh, the same.... but this was my very first time, and I did notice how INCREDIBLY SOFT my skin was, and it actually was GLOWING!!!

Cool, OK, this may be the way I'm going to go. One time is not a test.... so while I will do the scrub, vinigar, and honey 2 times a week at first, the olive oil will go on every day..... I'll let you know if I see any improvements over the weeks!


Diandra said...

You might want to try lavender vinegar... the women in my family wrinkle early (maybe because we don't like to iron?), and I am developing the first wrinkles at the tender age of 27... yes, I am mainly using rejuvenating products already. *lol*

(I don't care, we look great nevertheless.)

However, I love using lavender vinegar, it's really easily made, and it helps prevent the skin from aging any faster than absolutely necessary... I posted the recipe (together with a rant and some more information) here:

Melz said...

Ooo I want to do this. I have heard of the honey before, but never had the guts to put such yummy food on my face LOL I would probably gain ten pounds eating it back off. LOL Keep posting on how it goes. I might just have to try it!

Leeanna said...

Hey sweetie, I need you to come over and get this Zombie Kitty Award. Yes!!! A Zombie Kitty for your very own. Just don't let him bite you.