Friday, October 08, 2010

Telling tales

Now, I wasn't going to say anything.

A lot of people love this woman's blog.... I won't tell you the name... Just call her Mrs. X.

I love her blog also, she has great articles, and crafts and her own etsy store.... but then the trouble happened....

I befriended her on facebook. And I saw a whole new side of her that's not posted on her blog.

She was going after other bloggers like a rabid dog!

Heaven forbid you made something even "close" to what she makes.... or in one case have a picture that is even similar to hers... and you are dead meat!!!

Now the other blogger had a similar pic on her blog... NOT THE SAME ONE...OR EVEN THE SAME PERSON.... BUT JUST SIMILAR!!!

Considering that she STOLE her picture from the web... well, she went ballistic and is trying to get the woman's blog deleted!!!!! WTF!!! You STOLE YOUR PICTURE... it's not of you, or yours.... but someone else's... BUT NO ONE CAN HAVE A SIMILAR PICTURE OR THEY ARE DEAD?????

Well, excuuuuuuuuse me your Majesty!

And the same thing happened to some poor lady on etsy that had a SIMILAR craft that she did!!!! She went insane, and smoked the poor lady!!!!

She insists that she's going to copyright her stuff, but that takes years, and most of her "designe's" are stolen from other people, so I doubt the copyrights will take!!!!!

And I'm pretty sure if she reads this, she will know who she is, and come after me.... but I don't really care, the truth is the truth!

Some people get blogs, and get semi-famous, and their heads blow up to the size of a rotten pumpkin! They think they are "THE" blogger queen... and no one better get in their way!!!!

If this ever happens to me... SHOOT ME!!!


Milos said...

OOH I dislike people like that, not sure who you are talking about but from the sounds of it she seems to be a pretty selfish person. Pretty nice how she is stealing other people's creative ideas and calling it her own, yet she attacks others for the same thing. Wow, so much negativity. I love the new blog design by the way, very cute :D

Melz said...

I cannot imagine attacking people over similar things like that. There a such thing as "Freedom", right?
I am creating my own patterns by hand and I have noticed my finished products look similar to other people (no ones yelled at me yet), but you know it happens! The funny thing is flipping out about copyrights, no matter what if you create it, it is yours, it is "copyrighted" to you. So she is upset over nothing really. If she is that anal-retentive then she should take the time to do the paper work. I mean common, if you are getting that angry then take the time to do the papers and get everything legalized, right?
I am sorry you had to see someone in their "dark side".
Hah sorry for the long comment lol, but I do agree with Milos, great fall theme!

Leeanna said...

I agree with Milos and Melz. Sounds like this lady needs to be thrown into the rubber room or to get a life. As for just shooting you if you ever get this way... ummm can I sell tickets to your execution or beating, or both? I need the money aahhahahahhahaaa. Love you dear. BTW who is she so I can go taunt her. aahahhahahaa

Diandra said...

Two good friends I met at university are no longer friends because something like that... one found an idea on the internet (making a stuffed animal from towels), and the other one liked the idea and showed it to her brother, who made animals from towels and sold them on the net - and now the first hates the second (and I think she is exaggerating, but some people function like this).

In my opinion, this is rather stupid. Unless you come up with a truly original, brand-new idea and someone copies it to do JUST THE SAME. But even then... I don't know if I would go to too much trouble.

(Does any of you know a picture of a woman sitting/cowering in the corner of a room, with the light coming from the side? There must be thousands of pictures like that... it's a shot that practically can't look bad, so every would-be photographer did one at some point... now imagine if someonde decided this was "their" picture and started prosecuting the others... woohoo! *g*)

Judith said...

Well, I deleted her from my friends, and took her off my blog list. I don't know how someone can appear so nice on her blog, but turn into an idiot on facebook?

Leeanna said...

It's me, right? Me? I knew it.

Judith said...

Leeanna, I'm gonna smack you! To too sweet to be this woman! giggle

Leeanna said...

OOOOOOoooo Hurt me, beat me, make me write bad checks! ;P