Saturday, May 07, 2011

Lavender time!!!

I just spent a hour or two cleaning out my lavender bed. Giving it a trim, removing leaves and garbage... all the time feeling like a cat with catnip.... I just wanted to rub it alllllll over myself!!!

So, I thought to re-print some of my bath spells using lavender. Hope you enjoy!


1 tbls bicarbonate soda 5 drops essential oil juice of 1 lemon
1 tsp. good oil, such as sweet almond ½ cup sea salt
Stir the soda, essential oil, lemon juice and oil together and then blend in the salt.

Dissolve in the bath water.

Light 4 candles (colors of your choice) and place at the 4 corners of the tub.

Step slowly into the bath water, feeling it envelope around you. Close your eyes.
Visualize yourself laying on the surface of the ocean.
There is nothing around you, you are alone and at peace.
Feel the warmth of the sun beating down on you. Say either out loud or quietly to yourself:

Be comforted, All is well Now you are blessed.
You have life to nurture and nurture you.
Be calm. Be easy. Be comforted. You are blessed.


Steep a teaspoon of basil in a cup of boiling water, and strain out the herb.

Add it to you bath water for a protective and cleansing influence.

It is particularly useful to clean off the feelings left by contact with those who are negative or controlling.


This spell will refresh and cleanse you. To begin, cast a circle in your bathroom.
Call the elements, and light a lavender colored candle.
Then blend in a muslin bag a teaspoon each of lavender flowers, chamomile flowers,
and dried crushed rosemary.

Hang the sachet under the faucet, and draw your bath water, allowing it to pour down through the herbs.

Add a half cup of lemon juice to the bath.

When you settle into the tub, lean back, relax, and take three deep breaths.
Close your eyes and focus on the excess tension and stress in your body.
Feel the herbs and lemon draw it out of your muscles and mind.
Thoroughly clean your tub when you are done to remove any residue
of negative energy from the bath water.


While in the shower, visualize yourself standing under a waterfall.

Ask the spirits of water to cleanse, consecrate and empower your body,
mind and spirit in the name of healing.

As the water runs down your body, visualize the negativity swirling off you and down the drain.

When you towel dry, ask the spirits of the air to cleanse, consecrate, and empower
your body, mind and spirit in the name of healing as well.


Materials required: Muslin bag/Dead sea salts/lavender herb/lavender oil.
Fill your muslin bag half way with the dead sea salts, add two teaspoons of lavender herb and one drop of lavender oil.

Tie up the bag and include in your bath.

Close your eyes and feel your body soak up the healing herb, salt and oil.

Chant the rhyme:
Pains and Aches and Evil Things
Fly from me on rapid wings!
Leave my body, don't return
For peace and quiet I do yearn.
Surround me in Her radiant light.
Magic power pure and white
Banish forces of the night!


Leeanna said...

Hey sweetie I'm just now getting around to checking out all the blogs that I missed while I was out of the loop. Would you believe I'm actually sitting in the living room with a stack of pillows behind me. It feels good to be out of bed. I love these recipes and will add them to my BOS Recipe book.You have so many great things on your blog. I need to spend more time here. Oh and the Lavender... ahhhh, such a fresh clean smell it has. I wish I could walk through a field of it right now after reading this post. Thanks for getting my creative juices going.