Saturday, May 21, 2011


Not being able to eat potatoes (allergy's) I sometimes crave something of the same Constancy, and real close to the taste or them.

In England they make this all the time with meals, it's called "mashies" And it's made with peas!

You can use any type of peas, but (though it would send most cooks shrieking into the night!) canned peas are the best.

You put them in a bowl, and mash the shit out of them!

Then you add sour cream..... crumbled bacon.... and butter.... and stir it all up, and heat it!

When it's nice and hot, add another pad of butter on the top.... AND YUMMMMMM!

I know people who say they "HATE PEAS" that munch this down like crazy.

Don't like the green? Close your eyes! giggle