Thursday, May 19, 2011

Taking you with me!!!!

I'm taking you with me thru a weired journey. Figure I'll let you know what's going on with me. This is what I look like without my glass's!

I have large growth's on and around my eyes. The yellow skin pockets you see.

Now fair warning, the below pictures are without any makeup!!!! I don't look good without makeup!!!! BELIEVE ME!

Now with makeup, and my tinted glass's this is what I look like.

But you know it's a pain to keep up appearances..... and at times when I have to take off my glass's.... it sucks!

So I went to a dermatologist. And he's removing them. It'll take 3-4 treatments, then they will be gone.

I went yesterday for my first treatment,

I kept putting it off.... well, cause I'm a CHICKEN!

And I hate to say it but I WAS RIGHT TO BE A CHICKEN.


What they do is put on an ACID on your skin, and wipe it off.

It burns going on.... and keeps burning for like 4 hours..... everywhere the acid goes, you turn WHITE!

I mean really white white!

Then it's better...... but the next day.... I'M MAGA SWOLLEN!!! I can bearly see, because of the swelling, so cold compresses all day for me.

Now I still need more treatments, and I can't see how it looks yet cause it's still so swollen.....

am I going to go for a next treatment?????

Right now.... NO! But maybe in 4 weeks, when my next appointment is, I'll forget about it, and go.

I'll let you know, and post pictures as I go.


Just A Gal said...

Ouch! That does look like it hurts. But, I say good for you for doing something for yourself. When it's all said and done I'm sure it will look terrific.

Diandra said...
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Diandra said...

That must have hurt... but I'm sure you'll look even better afterwards! (Sorry, that stupid keyboard again... *lol*)

The Frog Queen said...

Ouch!!! You are a brave lady!


Leeanna said...

OMG!! Sweetie, I sure hope it gets better. There are some bad doctors out there. So I hope everything he said works. My under eye area is sunken but when it gets puffy I use Preparation-H and it brings down the swelling.I don't believe in any kind of corrective deals concerning doctors unless it's something to stop pain. BTW, my back surgery went great yesterday. I'm up and walking with minimal pain but no pain in my legs. It feels great! Aahahahahaa, my word verification for this comment is "repair". Sooooo ironic.

Judith said...

Oh the procedure won't do anything for under eye puffyness... it's just to remove the yellow fat packets on my eyes. they are cased my high colestral, and are almost impossible to hide, cause of the color. besides being like bumps and lumps under my skin! They are discusting! I'll take my bags over them any day!!!

Jayemge said...

Hi. I had/have the same thing you have. I spent $32,000.00 on a surgery and spent 3 weeks recovering. Several months later the bags (cholesterol deposits) returned. Please ask your doctor what you need to do to make sure they dont return; I didnt and am not going thru another surgery. :(