Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This has NOT been a good week for me.... filling out government forms SUCKS!!!!

First I wanted to change my health plan..... same plan, but mine has the option I can go to any doctor I want to.... and the other you have to pick your doctor from a book...... same company...... but a $60.00 a month difference in cost!!! And since I pay for it out of my annuity, that extra $60.00 a month will be goddess sent!

So, since I need to save money I needed to change the plan..... forms and more forms, and a government web site visit that, I swear, turned my hair gray!!!!! GIGGLE

Then I ONCE AGAIN applied for help with my heating and cooling bill. I got turned down last year..... they NEVER INFORMED ME OF THAT, I just guessed it when I didn't see a reduction in my bills.

So I called them up when a new application arrived......and they told me it was because my STREET address and MAILING address are different. Duhhhhhh, I live in a Mobil home park..... can't get a clue can you?

Well, after talking to them again, and THIS TIME GETTING A NAME, I filled it all out, along with copies of EVERYTHING THEY COULD THINK OF... and I'm sending it out AGAIN!

If I don't get it this time, I'm done with the county help shit..... besides next year Matt will be away at school, so my bills will be significantly reduced. (no lights, TV, computer, in his room)

But, enough with forms, I'm done till my income tax shit comes due. I HATE FORMS!!!!!!!