Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My "Thanks" List

This is my Thanksgivings, thanks list

I'm thankful for my Goddess, who provides ALL for me
I'm thankful for my kids, especially Matt who does all the heavy work for me
I'm thankful for my 4 wonderful Grandkids
I'm thankful for my house, just the Perfect size
I'm thankful for my yard and garden, again the Perfect size
I'm thankful that I had enough food this year and the fact I'm STILL a vegetarian
I'm thankful that I was able to pay all my bills this year
I'm thankful for my kitty Merlin, even if he loves to bite me all the time! GIGGLE
I'm thankful for my health
I'm thankful for all my good friends, and even some of the not so good ones! GIGGLE
I'm thankful for being able to retire early, and still pay my bills
I'm thankful for the beach, the sun, and the wonderful crabs!!!
I'm thankful that I DON'T have a man in my life!
I'm thankful for the time I spend in the garden, at the beach, and with all my friends. And that I can still enjoy those simple pleasures
I'm thankful for the strength that allows me to lose my anger, be not jealous, and always smile, even when times are rough and dark and scary
I'm thankful that I can laugh at misfortune and pain, and accept when it comes to me.
I'm thankful that the Trolls have left my stuff alone this year
I'm thankful for all the memory's I have of a wonderful family that is now gone

I'm thankful for EVERYTHING! And I hope the Goddess blesses my family and friends and keeps them safe and healthy till the next thanksgiving!