Monday, November 24, 2008

Poor little tree

This is the little tree for outside. The tree (it's slim, but 6' high) the decorations, and those big old fashioned lights...... all together ran me around $20 dollars!!!!! (goddess bless the dollar store!!!!!)

Really!!! Nice and cheap for the outside decorations. I like it, even though I haven't stuck it outside yet. GIGGLE

It's going in a large 3 foot gray decorated pot, and will be in front of my kitchen windows on the opposite side of the stairs from my bamboo. COOL!!!

Of course I still have my inside tree, the one Mary gave me, and I'll put some decorations inside also.

I love YULE!!! Even though I'm not getting anything this year. Matt's student loan didn't leave anything over..... so that cool roll up pink keyboard I'm drooling over will have to wait for me to get it myself.

Jamie is getting me gifts, but she has her kids to buy for, so I hope it's something cheap, the kids are more important.

But, even so...... I wake up each Christmas morning.... and thank Santa for what I got, or didn't get. GIGGLE.