Friday, November 21, 2008

Old friends

I was catching up with some old school chums on the net. What fun? Some of them I haven't seen in 40 years!!!!!

You know what impressed me most..... their pictures. I don't know if it is because we grew up being hippies, but all of them, look their age!

Now you may think that's bad, but it isn't. Aging is natural, and wonderful, and I wouldn't change my face for any kind of money. And all my friends agree. No face lifts for us. We love the way we look, and let me tell you honey, we ROCK!

The only reason someone our age should get face work is if it's really necessary. Like one of my friends who has that drooping eyelid problem. She finds it hard to keep her eyes open because of it, so she's getting just that fixed, and NOTHING MORE.

But I do know people older then me who are probably going for their second face lift. Who do they think they are fooling????

Even if a younger man should be attracted to them..... they are going to find out their age sooner or later..... and it's the age thing that counts.

Why can't women our age be happy with men our age? Besides the fact that many of them are DEAD already! GIGGLE

I admit to liking younger men.... but no more then 10 years.... and then I'm always honest about my age, eye color, and I have my original, factory installed, face. GIGGLE

Yes, I still put on makeup every morning, and probably will into my 90's.... looking pretty is still an option for me, but I just don't think you need to artificially enhance it. But, I guess it's each to their own.

But it was nice to see my friends, looking like my friends should look!