Monday, December 01, 2008

Another doll (sigh)

OK this is the new doll I'm drooling over!!!!

Not only is she an elf.... you can't see the ears in this picture, but believe me she has elf ears..... but she's a VAMPIRE!!!!!

Tiny white fangs, again hard to see in this picture....but soooooooo sweet!!!!!

This craving for these dolls is killing me!!!!!! I can't bring myself to spend 400 dollars on a doll, even if I had the money...... BUT I WANT ONE!!!!!!

(stamping my foot, and pouting!!!)

Steph has to STOP SHOWING THEM TO ME!!!!!!

In the case of these dolls, not seeing them is the only way to stop wanting them!!!! GIGGLE


Steph said...

UPDATE: Call me crazy, but I took the plunge and brought the boy version of this doll. Now Janu will have someone to make mischief with!