Thursday, December 11, 2008


I know he's ugly, but to me he's so ugly he's CUTE!!!!

This adorable cookie jar was from Barb.

So far I'm doing really good this Christmas.... gift wise that is.

Barb also gave me one of those herbal heating pads, but this one is the size of a baby's blanket. Covers's your whole back!!!! Fantastic for those achey days! Plus the cutie cookie jar above, and a wand that puts lotion on your back where you can't reach, nice!

And my Aunt Harriet sent me money, (money is the best gift... then you can get just what you want!!!!) and I went out and got a great warm blanket for my bed (I really needed that! I was getting cold these nights) and I got the big stand up tri-pod for my camera. So I can set up my camera like a professional! Soooooooooo COOL!!!!

I'm a happy camper! GIGGLE