Sunday, December 07, 2008

Stewing away

Some thing Barb said a few weeks ago, has been stewing away in my brain. Yes, that's me, it takes me a while to think about something, and then comment on it, but that's what keeps my temper pretty even. giggle

She asked me if Eileen, my sister, had talked to me yet.

I said no, and I really didn't care if she ever did again.

Mainly because I did nothing to piss her off..... but she does stuff to piss me off every time I talk to her!!! Her nasty jibs and jabs that she considers being honest, are hurtful and spiteful, and just plain nasty!

She should learn to guard her jealous mouth, and she might have more friends.

But we were talking about hair, and Barb made a nasty comment about Eileen's long hair..... now I'm growing my hair long now too..... so of course you KNOW she was also making a jab at me!

I like Eileen's hair, long hair rocks!!!! And yes, her's is getting a bit dull. She needs to spice up the color a bit, or color with something that adds highlights, the color is right, but it's dull and drearily. She needs some sparkle!

But mine is getting long too..... why? Because most of my life it was short..... it looked cool short when I was younger, then the kids came along, and short hair was just easier to take care of. But now that I'm older, I'm having fun seeing how long I can grow it!!!

It's totally white now, but I'm happy to say it's the platinum white, not that gray white or yellow color.... so occasionally I use a color rinse to brighten it up and add some red highlights, but all in all, I leave it white. And it's way past my shoulders now, and getting longer by the day.

I love to braid it, or do a high ponytail.

Now Barb's hair is short, short, short, always has been. She's got that "butch" thing going on. She likes it, and I never comment, but if your going to have the Butch cut, you have to up it with makeup and stuff to add the fem touch to yourself, and she doesn't.

Barb is pretty even tempered, but she does have a tendency to snap at people if she's pissed off at others, or herself..... but she's cool if you call her on it. Hay, people are human!

Eileen finds something about you that your proud of, and makes nasty comments about it.... but in a seemingly off the shoulder way..... yeah, right. She's just nasty!!!

I mean when you consider last shore leave, she was nasty to anyone who stopped to talk to me, making them leave with her comments...... instead of joining in the conversation and having some fun. And even by our room, I was having a blast talking to a new friend, and she just sat there and snubbed them! Not nice. I'm a friendly person, open up a little and join in!!!!!

But Barb doesn't make nasty comment often, once in a blue moon, and then she apologises.... she was just being snippy. GIGGLE

But the hair thing bothered me, maybe because it reminded me of how Eileen snipes at me, but it doesn't matter. Like I said "LONG HAIR ROCKS" and I'm going to keep growing it, because I LIKE IT!!!!!