Sunday, December 07, 2008

First of the year!

First snowfall of the year!!! I woke up this morning to see it gently falling, and my cat going nuts!!!!! He wanted to catch the flakes, thinking it's a game..... so I opened the front door, and he stepped out..... AND FROZE!!!

Pretty falling white things shouldn't be cold and wet!!!!! GIGGLE

After trying for a few seconds to walk without touching the ground...... he JUMPED back inside and ran to hid under the dinning room table. Looking at me with distain.... as if it was all MY fault!!!!! GIGGLE

It's an hour and a half later, and still falling.

Jamie and the kids were coming up today, I pushed them off because they were all sick, and so am I.... not a good idea to be exposed to sick kids, when I'm sick myself.... and I'm glad I did, because they would have been caught in the snow all the way down here!!!

And Jamie HATES driving, even in good weather, but doing it in the snow would just about kill her!!!!

But it's SUNDAY, I don't have to be anywhere, or drive in it, so I'm totally cool with it.

I'll drink my tea, eat my anchovies in cream cheese on rye toast, and enjoy watching the pretty white stuff!!!!