Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Freaking Jelly!!!!!!

I have to tell you about this freaking Jelly!

My sister, just to be a "bitch"...... My birthday is in March.....but because I couldn't get to her house....because of the high price of gas, and the fact that I had to save every penny I had to drive my son back and forth to school...... I asked her to come to my house for my birthday.

But, Oh No, she just couldn't!!!! You see after going to Paris, and Egypt, and London, she didn't have the gas money to come down to my house!!!!

In other words, if I can't spend the money to come up to HER, She's not going down to see me!!!!


So, I didn't get my March birthday present till July!!!!! And part of it was this threesome of Jelly's. Now, I'm allergic to WINE, and she knows it...... so giving me 3 jars of jelly made with WINE..... well that just makes sense, and of course I should LOVE IT!!! (SARCASM INTENDED)

Being the kind of person I am, I don't feel right putting something unused and good, in the garbage...... so I've endeavored to GIVE IT AWAY!!!! No luck, no one wants the crap, and now I'm still stuck with it!!!!!

I have to either chuck it in the garbage (my thrifty side winces at that) or store it somewhere till SOMEONE will take it! Grrrrrrrrrr

All in all, this is someone that just went into her closet, and gave me stuff that others had given to her.... re-gifting what she didn't want......... and that's cool, but THINK about the person before you do that! Don't give them something they can't use!!!!

Well, I guess it doesn't make much difference anyway.... so maybe it's time I bit the bullet and chucked it away. I did keep the chipped spoon rest she gave me, thought it was chipped, it's still pretty. And I did love the Egyptian necklace with my name on it... she does have good taste, sometimes. But the Jelly has to go!!!! GIGGLE