Saturday, December 20, 2008


I'm sitting here cleaning out my mail on my accounts on the web, and cleaning out the drawers in my desk......

And I've counted 6 party invites!!!!! Now, 3 of them are out of state. Two in PA, and one in MD. I DON'T LIKE DRIVING IN BAD WEATHER!!! So they are out!

And one is from someone I love, but it's in California!!!!! Santa didn't bring me a plane ticket, and I don't have the money to buy one..... though I'm sure If I said yes, he would send me a ticket, but It's too far for one party, so no..... take pic's and send me them. GIGGLE

One is Brenda and Alan. THEIR PARTY ROCKS!!!!! I always go to them.
A. they are sea food freaks like me. (last time he had like 50 lobsters!!!)
B. They are real close, so it's cool to drive. and
C. They know a lot of hot, rich, male friends. giggle.

The last one is from a group of Trekies that I have no fucking clue WHY they would invite me!!!!!! I HATE MOST OF THEM, and those I can stand, I'm not too fond of anyway. So that one's out.

It's nice to be wanted, but move closer, or have your party's at the beginning of the month! To close to Christmas and the weather turns bad.

I may try to attend one in PA, but that's only if the weather is good. The nice thing about that one is that it's a bit AFTER Christmas.... so the traffic won't be bad. Thank the Goddess!!!!