Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rain!!!! YUCK

Thanks to the absolutely ENDLESS DAYS OF RAIN, here at the shore. I actually got to some projects in the house.

I mean I feel bad for my friends being snowed on, but this is the rainy weather is something I thought we would be getting in October!!!!!

It's rained more days this December then days that we've had sun!!! SUN???? WHAT'S SUN????

But it did get me to clean out my closet in the main bedroom. Now you can actually walk into my walk in closet!!!! WHAT A CONCEPT!!!!!

Next is the closet in the back bedroom, the Christmas closet. I'm gonna clean that sucker out!!!!! Yippppppie!!!!!!!

Oh, by the way..... this picture was taken with my new camera TRIPOD!!!!!


I love it, it's high, and I just click on timed, and I can actually be in the picture!!!!