Friday, May 07, 2010

Another trick for Convention Life

This is a 2 lb can of coffee, there is no coffee in it, nor has been there been coffee in it for the last 5 years!!! I used the coffee, and washed out and kept the plastic can...

why??? Here's why!

It's BIG, top screw closed, and has a built in handle to carry it! I think only folgers makes them... but you can look around and see if others do.

What do I do with it, if I don't use it for coffee???

Here's what I do, 3 or 4 weeks before a convention, I take down the plastic can, and wash it. Then comes the interesting part.

1. 1 Large jar of maraschino Cherry's, drained and washed

2. 2 cans of pineapple chunks... CHUNKS, not rings or crushed, CHUNKS... these you don't drain or rinse and you use the juice of only 1 can!!!! Not both cans, just one!

3. A large container of yellow or red grapes, as long as they are seedless.... you break them off in Bunche's... leaving the branches on, but discarding the thick main branch. The branches have to be left on! Believe me... you'll understand.

Now fill up the container with the grapes, cherry's and the pineapple till it's packed all the way up to the top.

Now here's the good part

Add enough Vodka to cover it all up.... yep, pure, plain vodka... cheap stuff works best.

Then screw on the cap, and put it in the refrigerator, and keep it there till the day you leave for the convention.

See, the grape stems serve as a wick... pulling the vodka into the grapes!!! Smart huh???

Now the day of the convention, or the day you are leaving, or even the day before, so you don't forget it.....

Pour the vodka out... back into the bottle.... and there you got it.

It's been soaking up all the goodness, and you discard the weight of the liquid, and you got pure vodka fruit!!!! The can is easy to carry with the handle built in, and with out the liquid, it's quite light.

It's great for sitting by the pool and munching, or party's in your room, or just to munch while your waiting to go to the pool or party. GIGGLE

The fruit is quite strong, but not as strong as drinking just plain vodka.... so you can munch and enjoy without getting..... TOO DRUNK!


Zedral Z said...

I love maraschino cherries soaked in booze. I'll have to try the pineapple and grapes sometime too! Good idea :D

Witchy Mom's Homeschool and Organic Gardens said...

I bet this would be yummy with rum, too! Sorta like a fruitcake without the cake!

Jamie said...

I bought a canister of this today because of YOU. I cannot wait to try this at our first cookout at the new place!

Jamie said...

...that, and I <3 coffee... It tastes just as good in a french press as any Starbucks brand -- but that's just between us. ;)