Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I want Capt. Jack!!! *stamping my foot, and pouting*

The doll company that I buy my dolls from, now has a Dr. Who, and a Capt. Jack Harkness doll!!!!!!!

Of course, NOW, I'm broke, and can't afford them..... well, just one.... wanted the Capt. Jack doll.....but I don't have the money now!!!

Took them over a year to get permission from BBC to sell them..... I had the money then.... but it's long gone.... sigh

I've begged and pleaded with the "Money Fairy" to visit me.... I've even tried to bribe him with food and drink.... but no luck. The money fairy is a meanie!!!!! sigh

I should add, these are not 5" dolls!!! they are 17" tall, totaly dress, and posable. I think about 23 points of articulation!!!!