Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I HATE JUNE, I really do!

For so many reasons, even though it's just a few days away, I can feel the hate for June building.... and I know I'm going to be depressed, pissy, and board!!!

Why do I hate June?

It's when school ends, and the kids will be home for summer

All my garden work is done, in June all you do is water and watch

Spring is over, and the heat starts building

The Bennie's come back to the shore, making getting around a pain in my ass

My hubby died in June

My mother died in June

Morganna had her stroke in June

My mother married my jerk of a step father in June

I have to get thru ANOTHER month before Shore Leave

I broke up with Patrick in June......................................................

and I can go on and on with shit that happens in June!!!!!!

Lets just say, June and I will never get along, and I wish I could skip the month all together!!!!

So, if I get pissy and rant on my blog a lot, you know the reasons for it, and you'll just have to excuse me!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

haha!!! i am so with you. i hate august the same way. what is a bennie?

Judith said...

LOL a Bennie is what we call summer people down the shore. they used to be bused to the beach in a company called Benny's bus's.....

So anyone who doesn't live here, is called a bennie!