Wednesday, May 19, 2010

List for Shore Leave

OK, here's what I'm packing for Shore Leave:

2 pair Capri pants (both black)

4 tee-shirts (yep, cause I spill stuff all the time!)

1 pair sneakers (to walk the dealers room, and it's huge!)

1 pair high heeled sandals

2 bathing suits (cause there is no where to dry your suit, and I hate wet suits!)

1 pair of black silk slacks

2 fancy top's to go with slacks (for sitting in the bar or dancing)

1 pair of long P.J's (rooms are chilly at night)

AND THAT'S IT!!! I refuse to overpack for 3 days!!!!

Besides, have to save room for all the garbage I buy in the dealers rooms!!! Right?



Rue said...

What kind of vendors are at Shore Leave? What goodies do you buy?

Judith said...

all kinds of stuff, surprisingly not much star trek, mostly jewelry and books, and crystal and such

Jamie said...

We are in temporary housing until the house we are renting is ready. The landlord told us to pack our clothes and a toothbrush. He wasn't kidding. I'm the last person you have to tell about over-packing. :)