Saturday, May 15, 2010

As Promised

(the driftwood behind it is NOT part of the give-a-way)

My give-a-way includes this wonderful sun catcher! It's 11" X 11", all glass, with a chain attached to hang it!

An extra large Mortar and Pestle. Made of burl wood

A plastic hanging sun dangle. Has a hook and looks cute hanging off your curtains or in the window

A ceramic sign, with a beaded hanger

And a large Seagull Quill, to be used as a pen or just an ornament.

Now that's just the big stuff, I'm going to be adding some little stuff as I pack the box, let that be a surprise!!!

I've been watching other blog give-a-ways, so I'm going to follow what everyone else does.

You get an entry for just commenting on my blog
another entry for following my blog
another one for following me on facebook
and an other one for posting about my give-a-way on your blog.

I'm going to let Merlin pick the winner, so say nice things about him (do not mention his weight problem.. giggle) and you might get a extra entry to win!!

I'm going to pick the winner in June

Good luck, hope you like the stuff!!!!

PS. If you live outside the US, I have no problem shipping so go ahead and enter!!!


BethanyKay said...

This is my first time entering a give away on a blog!!! I have loved your blog since I discovered it a few months ago and have loved reading along with your posts!! So..I get one entry for commenting, CHECK! I get one entry for following..CHECK!! I am working on posting on my blog about your giveaway...CHECK and going to go find you on facebook..check!

Chris in the Emerald City said...

Stained glass, burl wood and a feather, OH MY.... some of my FAVORITE things!

The Frog Queen said...

Woohoo!! Cool stuff. And tell Merlin thank in advance for pickin me...cause you know he is going to :D

I will get this on my blog as soon as I can. Thanks for passing on the goodness.


Rue said...

You are so sweet to giveaway some lovely things! I can always use another mortar & pestle - mine gets used and washed so often!

Ellie said...

Just found your blog via Witchin' in the Kitchen.

I'm now a follower. Love your blog. And Merlin too, even more if he were to pick me.

alexia said...

That is beautiful! I am already a follower, I have blogged about this and linked on my sidebar, and I am also friending you on facebook right now!

Sugar said...

Sorry I was signed in under my daugher's name for some strange reason...up there ^