Friday, May 14, 2010

Sweeten someones view of you!

This spell is make someone, or some people have a sweetened view of you.
Like if you have a court case, and want the judge to favor you... Or if it's a group of people at work, or just one person... say your boss.... any time you want people to like you more.

You will need:

a jar of honey
a piece of paper
a pen or pencil

optional herbs

a candle (choose the appropriate colour for the person your doing the spell on)

a small jar of honey, make sure it has a metal lid.

You can buy the honey in a pint-size glass Mason jar or pour the honey of your choice into a jar in your own at home.

All that matters is that it should be a short, squat jar with a metal lid, filled up to the shoulder of the jar.

Prepare your paper by tearing it neatly on all four sides so there is no machine-cut edge. No cut edges

Once you have got your paper together, write the person's name three times on it, one name under the other like so:

Bill Brown
Bill Brown
Bill Brown

for a bigger group:

or work, and so on

Then rotate the paper 90 degrees clockwise and write your own name across the person's name, also three times:

Mary Smith
Mary Smith
Mary Smith

The result will be that the two names are crossed over each other, like a cross or a tic-tac-toe grid, and the other person's name will be under yours.

This is called crossing and covering their name. If the sweetening is being done for love, you can use a red ink pen. Otherwise, the colour of the ink does not matter, and you can just as easily use a pencil.

Now all around the crossed names, write your specific wish in a circle.

You must write your wish in one continuous run of script letters, with no spaces -- AND WITHOUT LIFTING YOUR PEN FROM THE PAPER.

Do not cross your t's or dot your i's.

Just write the words in one run and be sure to join up the end of the last word with the beginning of the first word so the circle is complete.

Then you can go back and cross your t's and dot your i's.

Write in the form of short commands, such as "help me favour me help me favour me" or "love me love me love me" or "forgive me come back forgive me come back."

If you make a mistake -- for instance, if you lift your pen in the middle of writing your circle -- throw away the paper and start it all over again. You want it to be perfect.

Other ingredients can be added to the name-paper if you wish

two rose petals for a love spell,
a lump of sugar for a family member,
two clove buds for friendship,
bayberry root
sassafras root for a money spell,
two small Lodestones for sexuality,
pinch of deer's tongue leaves for a proposal of marriage,
square of camphor for cleaning out bad things of the past, and so forth.

If you are sweetening someone for love, then in addition to the name-paper and whatever optional herbs, roots, or minerals you choose, you must also get one of the person's hairs and one of your hairs.

If the hairs are long enough, tie them together. Otherwise, just lay them crosswise to each other.

In either case, place them on the paper. (if you can't get close enough to them to get a hair... then a love spell won't work!) but just to sweeten how they look and feel for you, there is no need for a hair, Having a picture of him or her may help a little in place of a hair.

Fold the paper toward you to bring what you want your way and speak aloud your wish as you do so.

Turn the paper and fold it again, and again, always folding toward you, to bring what you want your way.

Say aloud your wish each time you fold the paper toward you. Fold it until it will not fold any more.

Open the jar of honey or syrup. To make room for the folded paper packet, you will need to eat some of the contents.

Take out a spoon's worth, and as you eat it, say, "As this honey is sweet to me, so will I become sweet to (the name of the person you are working this on)."

You can do this three times, taking out three small spoonful of Honey and speaking your wish aloud each time.

Push the folded paper packet down into the jar and close up the lid.

Use a white candle for general blessing and healing,
a red one for sexual love,
a pink one for reconciliation,
a brown one for a court case

(if you don't want to spend all day waiting for a candle to burn out, try using smaller candle's or even birthday cake candle's)

Stand the candle on the lid of the closed-up jar and light it. You can melt the candle to the lid with hot wax if need be.

Let the candle burn all the way out.

Do this every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for as long as it takes.