Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Convention costumes

I've decided to do something different for the Convention in February, I'm going to go old school, Klingon. Below is a picture of me and my friend Donna, years ago, in our Klingon garb.

But, I'm afraid over the years, and the million moves I've made, the costume is long gone.

Probably chucked out before one move or another.... so I'm biting the bullet and buying this one from a costume store on line.....

and NO, that is NOT ME!!! Please, I'm not that type of skinny bitch. LOL

From what I read of reviews the costume is a piece of cheap shit!!!!

But that's OK, cause I have a sewing machine, and the skills to make it over..... I just don't want to do it from scratch.... so I buy the costume and conform it to the way I want it!

I will add fur to the sleeves, braid, jewels, and make the boob opening MUCH bigger... (hay, I'm a 44DD, and I love to show my baby's off!)

And of course the headpiece, the nose will get chopped off, and the forehead will turn the color of my skin... thanks to the application of some paint and makeup,

(I know that most of the Klingon's on the show were black, but that doesn't mean I have to have a black forehead, it's latex, and can be painted!)

and the wig attached will get tossed, and a new full luxurious one will be attached to it, maybe a blond one.
(because all the reviews about the costume, say the wig in the picture is a lie, and the real one attached is like, just a few hairs!)

A little of this, and a little of that.... and it will look great!

The good thing about being a Klingon, your EXPECTED TO BE FAT, Klingon's mostly were, so no one will even notice your weight.... besides, what man will get beyond the boob thing?