Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lets make a list....

A friend on facebook mentioned Johnny Depp, and I told her I had met him. And they were all excited.... and I realized over my life I have met a ton of TV and movie stars.... and it was never a big deal.

I never had a super crush on anyone, and never treated them like movie stars..... maybe that's why they seem to like me so much.... I don't have a clue. So I decided to make a list.

It all started when my Dad forced me to join the Young Republicans... yeah, he was into politics... big time... Me? Not a damn bit.
But with the republicans I met Ronald Reagen (way before he was prez) Clint Eastwood and I forget who that other guy was, all I know was that he was in movies.

Reagen was nice, but talked funny
Eastwood wasn't as tall as I thought he should be, and I was really disappointed he didn't have a cowboy outfit on.

Since then I've met many more.

I've met every cast member and crew member of all three star treks.

William Shatner asked me to join him in a threesome! (no way dude!)

Leonard Nimoy's brother Melvin, lived across the street from my Aunt Helen in East Brunswick, N.J. and I used to hang with the kids of both of them.

Avery Brooks from Deep Space 9 actually lived in Somerset N.J. where I lived... his girls were in my Brownie Troop.

Rene Auberjonois who played odo, loved me, cause I had the same name as his wife.

Colm Meaney, who played O'Brian, and I drank and smoked together at many a convention

Sulu? Well, I've met him, but actually hung out with his Mom more then him... he was always going for runs... and bitch, I don't run!

Scotty announce to a whole room full of convention people, that I made that best Lasagna he had ever eaten!!!

John Delance scared the shit out of me once, and he was a totaly hogie freak, made us find him hogies any time he came to a convention.

There is not one member of all the star treks that I haven't met, hung out with, had pictures taken, and even a few of them I dated.

I've also talked to Doris Day on the phone, but never met her in person (we were working on a Charity fund raiser)

I met Flip Wilson and Joan Rivers both while in Calif. on vacation, they were staying at my hotel.

Also that guy who pretends to be a girl... RuPaul I think his name is.

Keanu Reeves I met, and made him a cup of coffee

And that guy who played Batman... Val Kilmer

I swam with George Clooney in that same pool in Calif, though I had no clue who he was.

I met the guys who played R2D2 and the other robot... they came to a chocolate party I had at one convention.... didn't have a clue who they were either

Let see... who else
Tim Allen
Gillian Anderson (X-files)
Dan Aykroyd (met him in N.Y. once)
Hank Azaria

And there were a lot more, but my memorys blank right now.... I'll remember them later. LOL


Anonymous said...

Ok, you totally ROCK! I've only met a famous German race car driver while I was working and I must say, he was a total asshat. :(

Diandra said...

Hey, that's cool! I've met a handful of politicians - handed some sparkly wine to the Japanese ambassador, almost ran into the German minister of justice (what was she doing standing in my way?! I was busy working!), talked to the Qatari minister of health, and the Qatari medical attaché is my boss - but never any stars. Wait, German country singer Gunther Gabriel once handed me a bratwurst (he is always broke) and Udo Lindenberg is my oldest sister's godfather, but apart from that... I am obviously more into politics. ^^