Monday, September 19, 2011

Crafts to do for Mogon


Make grapevine wreaths using dried bitter-
sweet herb for protection. Use ribbons of
gold and yellow to bring in the energy of the
Sun, and decorate with sprigs of dried yarrow
or cinnamon sticks.

Protection Boxes
You will need:

heather, sage, pine, or cedar incense
a box
white wrapping paper
a sprig of rue
a holly leaf
a tiger's eye bead
a piece of dragon's blood resin
Scotch tape
a pen with red ink

Light a stick of heather, sage, pine or cedar incense. Hold the box over the smoking incense to thoroughly saturate it with the scent.

Hold the herbs, bead, and resin in your hands. Charge them with energy, focusing on protection and safety for all who dwell within your household. Visualize a web of protective light encasing your home.

Then put the ingredients into the box and close the lid. With the pen, draw protection runes on the box, and wrap it in the white wrapping paper. Hold over the smoking incense again and say:

Amidst the Autumn's darkest nights
Our home be bound by brilliant light
A web of hope and joy and peace
Be woven now, all danger cease
By watchful eye, by lock and key,
Protect our home, so mote it be.

Make a witch's broom. Tie dried corn husks or
herbs (broom, cedar, fennel, lavender,
peppermint, rosemary) around a strong,
relatively straight branch of your choice.
Decorate it any way you like, but be sure to use yellow or gold in some way.

Collect milkweed pods to decorate at Yuletide, left in bowls on the window sills, it attracts the faeries to your house.

Mabon Wine Moon Cider

4 cups apple cider 1/2 tsp. whole cloves
4 cups grape juice
additional cinnamon sticks (fresh ones if you can find them)
2 cinnamon sticks for cups
1 tsp allspice

In a 4-quart saucepan, heat cider and grape
juice. Add cinnamon, allspice and cloves.
Bring just to boiling. Lower heat and simmer
for 5 minutes.

Serve Hot with ladle from a cauldron. Makes 8 cups.