Friday, September 16, 2011

Putting the baby's to sleep for the winter

Knowing that the weather here at the shore can change FAST, I decided to put my gardens to bed for the fall and winter.

There still may be time, but then again, we are known for changing seasons with the speed of light!!

So I bought a teeny tiny bale of hay.

It was so cute!!! Lowes had it for under $2.00.... and later when I went to walmart, they had the same tiny bale of hay for $8.00!!!! Quite a mark up!!!!

Then I covered my strawberry's in the cauldron with a good layer of it, and put some little pumpkins on top for decoration... and to hold the hay down.

Yes, they are tiny pumpkins... giggle... I know it makes the cauldron look like it's little, but the cauldron is almost 5 feet wide, so the pumpkins are really that tiny!

Then I mulched all the pots that stay out for the winter, like the blueberry's etc... and brought in the pots of plants that I winter over in the house.

So now everyone is snug as a bug... ready to face the coming cold!!


Diandra said...

Depending on how cold it gets in your part of the world during winter... is the cauldron big enough so the soil won't freeze through? Otherwise your strawberries might die from cold feet.

(Phew... I remember reading about you preparing your garden after last winter... time's really flying fast!)