Monday, June 18, 2007

Beach party this weekend!

I'm done shopping. Today I picked up the hamburgers and hot dogs, and I'll get the buns on Friday, but I doubt if many of the stuff I'm making will be eaten, since most of the time we'll be on the boardwalk........... and who could resist boardwalk food!!!! Not me!!!!!

But a lot of people are coming for the whole weekend, so I'll have them 24/7

But the house will be full of food for those that want a snack in the late evening. I'll pick up a big pack of breakfast foods, like muffens, and danish's at BJ's when Matt gets here. I'll make him do all the carrying. LOL Poor Matt!

I'm ready, but then I don't have a lot to do to prepare for a party, since I keep my house, and yard spic and span every day. Can't stand mess's!!!!!

And heaven forbid I visit someone and their house is a pigsty!!!!!! YUCK!

So my house is always ready and clean, and smelling good. I thank my mom for that.

This way I can concentrate on partying, instead of cleaning.

Bunches of people are coming, lots I know, and more that I don't know.....but who Care's. the more the merrier.

Beach here we come!!!!!!

I'll post pictures after.......... at least thoes pictures that aren't R rated or more. GIGGLE