Monday, June 25, 2007


Thanks to a friend who has a friend in television...... I spent the weekend watching the whole first season of Torchwood, a show that doesn't come to American television till this fall.


To give some background. CAPT. JACK was a man on the first season of Dr. Who. The doctor met him in 1930's England during the war........ Capt. Jack was there in a stolen space ship, trying to put a scam over on the Dr. And wound up traveling with him for a short while.

While deep in space Capt. Jack Died! Killed by one of the main enemies of the Dr.'s. A short while later, Billy (the Dr.'s companion) became the "Bad Wolf" and brought Capt. Jack back from the dead...... but didn't know it, and left him there on the deserted space station.

What happened in between we shall never know, but jack wound up back in present day England, the head of TORCHWOOD, an organization formed by the first queen Elizabeth to examine all the strange and unusual things that happen.

Now, according to Jack, he was born in the future, lived in the past, and because Billie brought him back from the dead.................. he can't ever die! Something he proves in the whole first season.

Oh, and Capt. Jack is also Bi, he works his way thru 12 episodes of the show, kissing men (and OH MY GODDESS, THAT MAN CAN KISS!!!!), and women, and ........ well, I'll keep that a secret, for now.....GIGGLE

Now I don't know how the show will look when it premieres on BBC America this fall, but the original disks contained MAJOR nudity, and WILD sex! Hope BBC America doesn't censer it too much for the American public

The show was the best, and I'm going to DIE waiting to see the second season........ BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!!!!!

Oh, and for your information...... I WANT CAPT. JACK....BAD!!!!! GIGGLE


Stephanie said...

Thanks for passing the addiction on! Now I'm on the hunt for those DVDs!