Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pet Peeves

Wonder why they call it "Pet" peeves???? Maybe because you get peeved at something, and then you keep it close and let it bother you time after time? Hummmm

Well, I have a few pet peeves......... one is people who don't respond to their e-mails or messages on their answering machine's. Now, you send a joke, you don't expect a response, but if you ask a question, yeah, it's polite to respond. The same with answering machine's...... WHY GET ONE IF YOU DON'T CHECK YOUR MESSAGES????? They just check the caller ID and call back........... you say, "did you get my message?" and they are like duuuuuhhhhhhh, no, I didn't check I just called you back.

Shows a lack of manners, like not responding to e-mails.......... they figure you don't know if they had the time to read it...... but you know, that like most people... they check their e-mail at least once a day! So pretending they didn't read it, they don't have to answer. All these computers and machine's make it easy for people to be rude.

And what about the person that finds out your having a gathering or party...... and immediately plans to have one too, on the same day! Can you say..... nah nah nah nah? How juvenile!!!!! Gotta have that one up man ship. To those people I say "GROW UP!"

And cell phones!!! Gotta be in touch 24/7. Or maybe it's the man or woman controlling the one with the cell phone. Has to know where they are all the time!!! If it's important, yes, cells are a life saver...... but if it's..."where are you?" Now your being controlled. They are afraid your doing something or someone, and check on you constantly.

And another, yep I'm ranting, Husbands that don't like your friends.

You have one friend, they don't like, so they try everything to get you to stop seeing them. Other friends they approve of, maybe they don't go off with you and do things you don't approve of, or maybe they are safe, and boring, so he knows you not getting into trouble. Or maybe it's just that your unsafe..... you try to get the person to stand up for themselves, or stop someone from controlling their every moment...... so you have to go!

They work it with quiet disapproval, or starting fights between you and your friend, or just stating opinions that are false, but they do it so often, and so quietly, that the person finally believes it.

Oh, and another peeve, the person who blames you for what OTHER people do or say. It's not you saying it, it's someone else....... but your the one who suffers for it.

If you don't want to know, don't ask! And if you do ask, take into consideration that the person telling you it, is NOT the person saying it!!!!! If you want everything candy coated, don't ask!

And "Texing" while your driving!!!! Most people can't drive and talk at the same time, let alone typing on your phone! What idiots!!!!!!!

Another big pet peeve of mine is people who don't clean their house. Yes, if you work all day, outside of the home, and don't have the time or help with the cleaning (messy husbands!) But if your not working, your home every day........ what's your excuse???? Messy house's are fine, but I'm talking MEGA PIG STY!!!! Vacuum, dust, junk papers and scraps of shit that gather.......but if you invite someone over to visit, and they can't find a space on any of the sofa's or chairs to sit............. YOUR A FUCKING PIG!!!

And my last peeve....... people who don't respond to invitations. How rude, just type back, yeah I'm coming, or sorry I can't..... but not responding is just wrong. This way they figure if nothing else is available, they will show up, but if not...... well, they never responded so they figure, you MUST know that they aren't coming. Or if you say you'll be there, but something else comes up..........CALL AND TELL THEM...... not the day before, or the day of, but with at least a few days notice!!!!

Oh, and another men that don't respond. Say your talking with someone, e-mail wise, and you try to set up a meeting, but they are going out of town or moving to a new place....... yet a long while later............they want to know why YOU didn't want to get together with them......... You weren't the one, they were....but now, it's your fault.

And did they expect you to wait around for you till you get rid of that other one your dating?? And why would you tell someone that you want to meet that your DATING SOMEONE ELSE!!!!! "oh yes, I'm seeing someone, but hay, wanna hook up?" fuck head! If your already dating someone, why would I want to meet you. If your such a fucking woos, that your dating someone you don't like, while looking around...... hay, what's to say you won't do that to me??? And I may be slow sometimes, but I'm NOT stupid!

Well, done ranting. Maybe I grew up where manners, and housework, and friends were of a different era. More refined, well mannered, and caring of others besides themselves..... maybe that's the problem, and I should cope............. I do, cope that is, and keep my mouth shut, and don't say anything......... but this is my fucking blog and I can say whatever I want. GIGGLE


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