Thursday, June 28, 2007

Trip to England!

OK, now here's the good part....... we're going to England!

Matt Litchfield, Steph, and me.... maybe Ty (he wasn't there at the time). All together. Next summer. Should be a blast......but the planning part is going to be the pits!!!!!!

I'm the only one with a clear schedule!!!! Ty and Steph are almost always booked for most of the summer, and Matt has to arrange days off from work..... besides the fact that he'll be flying out of VA, and not NJ like the rest of us!

This is going to take some planning, maybe even with a travel agent. But, good news again.... I got my passport this year, so I'm ready!

Hummmmm, not the best at this, since the only times I've traveled in the past..... the military took care of all the grunt work, I just sat back and enjoyed......................... so I'm going to have to see what I can do, and when everyone can take off, and where to stay, and what to see........... YIPES!

I'll just remember to keep it clean, cheap, and in the center of things so we don't have to travel much!


Stephanie said...

Yippee! England!! I'm really excited about the opportunity to go with you. I only see three things that could complicate matters:
2) Money

Ty also has to ask for the time off work and/or may be in a rut and not want to go.

Once I get over those three obstacles, I'm in!

Anonymous said...

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