Monday, June 11, 2007

Little old Lady's

You know how I know it summer down the shore????

Not the crowds, or the beach.....but the "BEEPING" of car horns!!!! I can ride up and down the highways here all winter, spring, and fall...... and NEVER hear one beeping horn!!!!

See, the BENNIES are idiots!!! They don't live here, they just come for vacation. A nice, relaxing, slow vacation..... right? Wrong!!!! They scurry around, fast as fast, impatient as impatient!!

Now see, what they don't realize is that Toms River has the largest population of Elderly!!! There are like 20 retirement places out here..... BIG ONES!!

We know that, and make allowances for it. We pass the old people going slowly down the highway, nice and fast, and without any sudden noise or movements.

Rule of thumb: If you can't see the head person in front of you over his car's backrest, pass them!!!! Most likely they are 90 years old, and too short to see over the steering wheel.

We pass them...... that's all. Because we know better!!!

Bennies don't, they BEEP!!!! Get up right behind the slow old lady, and instead of passing, BEEP AT THEM!!!!

One thing you don't do to an old lady or even older man, who's totally unsure of their driving, or even where she or he is ...... IS BEEP AT THEM!!!!!

I went down 37 and heard all the beeping, and I wished the Bennie's doing it well, because one time he's going to beep and scare that old man or lady, and BOOM!!!!

One less bennie down the shore.