Saturday, June 16, 2007


Went to New Hope today with my sister. Pretty good, nice weather, not many people........... LOTS of shopping!!

I bought a birthday present from Steph (since I didn't see her for her birthday) and one for Ty (who's birthday is the weekend of my party) And I got my self a PRETTY!!!!!!!

HUGE, HEAVY quartz crystal............... and the pretty thing, they hollowed a tiny bit out, and stuck a light in it!!!!! Shines so nice!!!! Expensive? Oh yeah! Worth it, HELL YES!

I also got a pretty round stained glass window, vivid colors, sun and moon, and lots of other things, to hang in my kitchen window. Right now I can't decide what window in the kitchen to put it in............. so I'll try it on one, then the other to decide. Very pretty!!!

We ate lunch, and walked, and generally had a pretty good time, but with all that crabbing I did yesterday, I was more then a tiny bit sore!!!!!! But, hay, in my opinion, crabs are worth it!!!!!