Friday, June 15, 2007


Heard from my bestest friend last night!!! He's driving up from Va. for the week of my party!!!!!!!! That, makes my whole summer!!!!!

It'll be sooooo much fun to see him, and have him here for the week. We're going to the beach, and crabbing, and some well deserved clubbing.

And I found someone to paint my ceilings!!!!! Yeah, sounds stupid I know. But I need the kitchen, dinning room, living room, and hall ceiling painted...... and I can't keep my arms above my head to do it. (broken shoulder that never healed) so one of Matt's friends is going to do it. I'm paying him, of course, and I'll buy the paint....but he's got to move the furniture and such, and I don't envy him!!!!

Not going to get it done until after the party. I don't like the smell of wet paint in the house....but at least all those stains from the previous owner will be gone! How did she manage to get grease stains on the ceiling??????? No clue, since this place is brand new, and she only lived in it for 4 months...... but she managed to get grease stains even on the living room ceiling!!!!!! PLEASE, I really DON'T want to know! GIGGLE

I'm off crabbing again this morning!!!! One more time those old codgers at the dock with crowed around me, and talk my ears off!!!! But it's worth it for the crabs!!!!!!