Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Running around

I can't believe it's only 11 am, and I've been running around all morning.

I ran to Big Lots to pick up my Mango Nectar...... can't live without it, and while I was there I found that they also make Banana Strawberry nectar............. yummmm!

Plus they had a few boxes of rice crackers, and I got a new bed spread in Burgundy, one side silk like, the other velvet like. Nice!!!

Then I ran to the heath food store to pick up my bread, rice bread that is, and some dried pineapple (without sulfur) and some Egg less, wheat less brownies. Now you may say "YUCK" but they do taste pretty good.

Then to Shop and Stop to get myself a BIG salad. Since I ate all the spinach I grew, now I gotta buy it. LOL

Nothing tastes real good to me the last week, don't know why, but nothing tastes just right. Might be getting an infection or something.......... or maybe my nose is just out of whack, since most of our taste is in the smell............

or it could be that I burned my tongue REALLY BAD, a few days ago, and it's just starting to heal. Must have killed off some taste buds, hope they grow back.

Well, either way, basically I'm just eating salads, and that's about it, if I eat at all. Trying to force myself to eat doesn't work.

Now, I really have to settle down and work on my "secret Project" for shore leave. I have quite a few made, and if they don't sell, it's enough, but I still want to finish using all of them I have........ I can always give them away to charity if they don't sell.