Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Broom

This is a picture of my broom, and yes, it's decorated...... when I know it shouldn't be............. so I'm going to explain why.

Traditionally, the broom is decorated before your wedding. And at the wedding or the reception (it's up to the couple) the decorated broom is placed before the bride and groom, and they jump over it. This is to signifies that they are making a home for themselves. A new life.

After my Hubby died, I removed the decorations....... in honor of his passing, and just kept the plain broom in a corner, every place I've lived.

Now in the spring, and deep fall, you take the broom down, and sweep the porch, or sidewalk or stairs in front of your house, to signify that change of the seasons, and the sweeping clean of your life.

It's been over 10 years since my husband died, and over the years it's become plain to me that I don't want a husband again, men are fun, but not to live with.

And as the years have gone by I've felt more comfortable with living alone......(except for some occasional sex mates. giggle... got to have that you know)

So I decorated my broom again, to show that I'm married, but this time to myself.

Unusual, yes, most women wouldn't do that..... it would scare off perspective suitors, but since I'm not looking anymore...... I feel that I should decorate (show off, highlight) my life that's perfect!

I'm comfortable with myself, and off the market, and very happy with it!!!!!!!