Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New hand ring

I got a new ring while walking the boardwalk this weekend...... I guess I should be happy with that, because Ty got something pierced, and I stopped myself from joining him. GIGGLE

It's pretty cool, it's a coil, and a LOT BIGGER then my old rings, so it took me more then 3 days to slowly work it into my hand. Not a lot of pain, but major stretching!

The front part of the coil that goes into the hand is rippled, so that caused a tiny bit of trouble, but I managed. Now in a few days, when I'm totally stretched, I can put it in further. At least this one won't fall out like my others! GIGGLE

I'm still contemplating getting my eyebrow pierced....... haven't decided yet, but it's coming I know, but at least I gave up the idea I had before, and it's not going to be my lip!
And, Yes, you might have noticed my fingernails are dark..... don't ask me..... maybe I'm going Goth. GIGGLE


Stephanie said...

WOW! Now that looks cooler than I could have imagined! You really have an eye for sparkly things!