Sunday, October 26, 2008

Damm, I did it again!!!!

Grrrrrrrr, I broke my friggin toe again!!!! It sucks!!!

My problem is that I have no depth perception, never did, never will.

I actually almost didn't get my drivers licence because of it. They had this stupid box, with three tiny cars in it, and you had to look, and line up the cars!

Well, with no depth perception...... IT CAN'T BE DONE!!!! But I lied to the teacher and told him I was going for new glasses, and he bought it!!!! So, I got my licence.

Just to show them up, in all the years I've been driving, only 1 accident, and that was because some idiot was drunk and didn't see that my car was stopped and rammed into me.... besides that.... Nada

Of course narrow bridges scare the shit out of me, you know those 2 lane ones that there almost isn't room for 2 cars, but I manages

But walking around furniture..... weeeeeeellllll, sometimes that doesn't work to good. GIGGLE

This time is better, it's only one toe, last time I broke two, put on high heels and went to a party! Duhhhhhhhhhhhh, after the party I went to the emergency room. GIGGLE

This time I didn't even bother, they don't do anything for broken toe's anyway, except tape two of them together..... which I did. And except for the pain, and swelling, it's totally cool.

One week at the most, and I'm healed.

But still it makes me feel really stupid that I hit a giant piece of furniture with my toe.

Did I see it? Yep, but I didn't think I was that close to it. LOL


Anonymous said...

come to shore leave, and I'll kiss you pretty little toes, and make them all better....... PLEASE