Saturday, October 04, 2008

I'VE HAD IT!!!!!!

Let me point out as a prelude to this rant..... that I made my coffee WAAAAAAAY to strong this morning!!!! Plus, it's so cool and nice, and that puts me into cleaning overdrive!!!!!

I was looking for a measuring tape this morning, and looking, and looking, and looking, and looking!!!!!!!!!

I have 2 tool boxes, and many, many drawers that I put stuff into.... well it ended today!!!!!!

I cleaned out the THREE LARGE DRAWERS in my china cabinet... they only held junk anyway... pens, and lighters, and garbage!!!! And I made the china cabinet my tool box!!!!

The first large drawer holds all the screwdrivers, hammers, and measuring tapes. (I found like 6 metal measuring tapes spread out thruout the whole house!!!!! And I can NEVER FIND ONE WHEN I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!)

The second drawer holds all the tape.... electrical, double sided, duct, etc... and all the paint brushes and painting supplies!!!

The third holds all the tools that are less used.....the staple guns, huge pliers, spackling tools, glue guns, etc.

NOW, all my tool boxes hold are screws, nails, and dodads (dodads are things like hinges, and hangers, and such)

Now I haven't visited all the drawers in the whole house, were I drop things when I'm done with them (I found a screwdriver in my jewelry box!!!) but over the weeks I'll go thru all of them, and put all the tools in the China Cabinet where they now belong.

Oh and it has two smaller drawers on each side..... One is now for art supplies, (did you know I had five packs of colored markers????? Why????) and the other is for electronic supplies.