Monday, October 13, 2008


Summers almost over,
Fall will soon be here.

Pumpkins on the doorstep,
Fragrant mums appear.

Spooky ghost's and goblins,
Roam our rain swept streets.

Candy and sweet apples,
Bring memory's so deep.

Sunny days and evenings cool,
Dressing up as pirates and ghouls.

Leaves swirling in the air,
Red and orange, beauty fair.

Its the days of blazing colors,
And the nights of fairy dance.

Welcoming the cold cold winter,
With a last colorful blast.

by Jo


Dreamers Night said...

I love the poem, it is beautiful....however for someone who writes so well, you should atleast be told that you spelled memories wrong...(memorys)

Judith said...

LOL well I let spell check do it, and sometimes it sucks. LOL