Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hairy Canary

After having a Hairy Canary over getting what Barb wanted for Christmas....... AND I FOUND IT, AND ORDERED IT!!!!!!! Fucking A.... it was a bitch to find........

I'm almost done with it all. I know what Matt wants, and just the gift certificates for the kids, and one more gift for Jamie, and I'm finished!!!!!

But, as usually, no one has asked ME what I want for Christmas..... so I'm gonna make my list here on my blog.

1. A new computer (giggle, like anyone I know can afford that! giggle)

2. A new sofa (giggle again, but why not put the expensive stuff first. giggle)

3. Wood floors for my living room and dinning room (Santa is rich, isn't he??)

4. A tripod for my camera (now we're getting cheaper. That only runs about $20

bucks! giggle) (GOT IT! THANKS TO AUNT HARRIET!!!!)

5. A spike doll. (now, expensive again!)

6. A BJD doll like Steph's!!! (Anyone rob a bank lately?)

7. A gift certificate for a book store (and SUPER BIG ONE! GIGGLE)

8. Bedroom slippers (Please, no pigs or dogs or rabbits!) (GOT IT!! THANKS TO JAMIE!!!)

9. Nice bath Salts (nothing with eucalyptus in it... makes me sneeze)(GOT IT!!! THANKS TO BARB!!!!)

10. New sheets (cotton, queen size, pretty color)


12. A set of solar power outdoor steak lights (you know, garden lights)... something

in copper or black

13. Egg and flour free cookies, with chocolate chips

14. A salt water fish tank, stocked with LOBSTERS! GIGGLE (Now i'm amusing myself!)