Thursday, October 09, 2008

I got so mad

I was watching "till death" a TV show that pretty funny. But last night it PISSED ME OFF!!! The hubby had ordered a pizza..... she didn't like pepperoni and ALWAYS asks him to order half and half..... and he never does..... stating that she can just pick off the pepperoni and give it to him...... not caring the the oils from the pepperoni are all over her pizza half.

I was totally enraged while watching that!!!!!! My hubby used to do the same SHIT!!! I liked my pizza loaded up with just about everything.... he liked extra cheese and pepperoni..... GUESS WHAT WE ALWAYS GOT!!!!! you got it, EXTRA CHEESE AND PEPPERONI!!!!!


Charlie was like that with so many things. He HATED the holidays, decorating and getting presents for ANYONE!!! But your ass was grass if he didn't get something!!!! So I kept buying him shit, and I got NOTHING!!!!

He wanted you to remember his birthdays..... but heaven forbid he actually remembered yours!!!! And even if he did remember it, I got nothing..... once again.

He like to hunt..... so vacation was for hunting..... never the beach or camping or anything.... but his hunting!!!!

Everything was for HIM!!!!

When I see things like that show, all I have to say is I'M SO FRIGGING GLAD HE'S DEAD!!!!!! I ONLY WISH HE HAD DIED YEARS SOONER!!!!!!!!

He may have been my best friend, but I really hated him towards the end. I say we had 7 years of good marrage, and the rest of the years sucked!

And men wonder why so many women refuse to EVER get married again after doing it once!!!! You know, they just don't have a clue!!!!