Thursday, October 02, 2008

weird dream

OK, I dreamed about this last night, I was giving a lecture and this is what I was saying to the people in my dreams.......

"If you study a stream of water, you might think to yourself that the water is flowing in a seemingly random pattern. But, you would be wrong, the pattern is there. Every rock in the stream forces the water to flow in a certain way. Over and over again. And if nothing from outside changes it, it would continue to flow in the same pattern till the rocks are warn down by the water, causing the pattern to change, again

But if, right this moment, you drop a stone into the stream... the pattern changes. If it's for good or bad, there are changes in the pattern of the water flowing.

Life if like that stream. Any serious of unexplained events can change the flow of your life, change the pattern.

Random, maybe, but then again the unexpected events may actually be part of the bigger pattern that you haven't seen yet.

For when you study the flow of water in a stream, your studying only a section of the stream and not the whole stream. Seeing the bigger picture of the stream could show changes in the pattern, and prove that the changes weren't unexpected or unexplained, but just a natural part of the overall pattern."

Hummmmm OK, that's what I dreamed, I had to get that down on paper because it was bugging the shit out of me!!!!!