Tuesday, October 07, 2008


OUCH!!! THAT HURTS!!!! I think steam is coming off the top of my head..... but I gotta do it anyway.

Soon, Matt's going to be gone. Due to some creative thinking on his part, instead of going away to Arizona to collage, he's going to Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.

Nice and close, only about an hour ride, but still so far away that he has to stay there in the Dorms during the week.

Now what am I going to do ..... all alone.... for the first time in ALMOST 30 YEARS????

I went from my Mom's to my sisters, to marriage with Charlie. I haven't had the house to my self in just about FOREVER!!!!

Am I upset????? HELL NO!!!!! I'm so happy I could tinkle!!!!!!

Know why?
1. food will last FOREVER, with out the eating machine here to scarf it down in 20 seconds.

2. No more riding back and forth to collage

3. No more planning my day around him, his homework, his friends, him him him him him....

4. No more interrupting me during TV, while taking a bath, while talking on the phone

5. No more hearing about how board he is!!!!

Just Me, the Cat, and no one else!!!! YIPPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE

First thing I'm gonna do is his room!!!! I'll replace the rug, paint, and put up new curtains. I'll leave all his stuff there, because he's bound to come home for weekends, and holidays.... but in the mean time, it can be a guest room.

A NICE, CLEAN, GOOD LOOKING GUEST ROOM!!! Not a boys room full of garbage all around!!!!

Then I'll move my computer BACK IN THE DEN!!!! No more computer in my bedroom!!!!! The den used to be mine, but I gave it up to him to do his homework in..... NOW IT'S MINE AGAIN!!!!

It's actually kind of scary thinking of being alone for the first time in so many years..... BUT I'LL ADJUST!!!!! GIGGLE


Dreamers Night said...

Actualy It can be pretty scary thinking about being completely in alone for the first time in well Forever lol....But I'm thinking your gonna love it!