Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Getting ready for the cold!

Yesterday was warm but the wind was blowing, and it was the perfect day to winterize my house!

First thing I did was close all the doors and windows. Then I lit a candle (regular candle, not one in a jar) And I walked around the house watching the flame!

when I noticed the flame flickering or blowing, I tracked the source, and fixed it.

Always check the track on your windows before closing them for the winter: dirt and debris build up in the track and prevent the windows from closing properly, allowing air to come in. (I've found durt, bugs, crickets, and seed pods in there!)

I washed out all the window tracks and then closed and locked them again, and checked with the candle. No fluttering flame!

Then I checked around the doors.

Stepping back from the closed door I checked if I saw any light coming around the edges. If you do, buy some vinyl foam weatherseal. Long foam strips, that are self adhesive on one side. Open the door, and stick the weatherseal around the inside frame of the door where you saw the light..... close the door and check again to see if you can see any light, and if you do, repeat in the area.

My front door was horrible!!! the weather seal had fallen off and the breeze thru that door was strong! So I replaced the seal, and not a flicker on the candle!

Now, I CAN'T sleep with my bedroom window closed!!! I'd rather freeze then have no air flow around me. Also I open the kitchen sink window a lot in the winter.... just to air out the house a bit... but I try to do this on warm days, and I make sure the heat is off before I do it. Hay, can't waste energy!

I slowly walked around the house and checked all the other doors and window. that done, I feel that my house is safe from errant breezes during the winter.

Before I close up for the winter I also do a good dusting (with a damp cloth) of all my furniture, the heating vents, window sills, and so on..... getting all the summer pollen and dust up, so the heat doesn't keep recirculating it all winter. The damp cloth traps the dust, and then you just rinse it down the sink.

I also do a very good vacuuming... making sure to get all those little edges (cat fur seems to hide in the edges of your carpet and corners of the room) I do the baseboards with the vacuum too, and if you have hot air heat... open the vents and put the vacuum hose down into them to pick up any dust pooled down there!

And last I take all the bedspreads and comforters outside and shake the devil out of them!!!! dust flys all over, but I know it's gone with the wind! GIGGLE

Now, I'm ready to start the winter in a dust free, cat fur free home. Let that heat recirculate the air.... It's actually clean!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for those tips. I will use them to help winterize my house.

VintageSage said...

What a great tip with the candle! I never thought of that. Will you come winterize my place? No wait...I'm not ready for winter...whaaaa!! I'll be in denial for a little while longer. Lol!