Monday, November 16, 2009

New Moon

I guess the new moon is affecting me badly this month.

I am not comfortable in my own skin. Really! I itch all over, I'm moody, and pouty, and all together not happy!

Like everything around me is just slightly skewed!



I feel like I need to be somewhere....FAST! But, don't have a clue where I'm supposed to be or where I should go.

It's very aggravating.

My old fantasy keeps coming into my mind, that after my operation when I was 8, I fell into a coma...AND AM STILL IN ONE!

Like all this is a dream.... and not the best dream either! GIGGLE

Weird huh? Well, I'm hoping it's just the new moon, and will pass. Cause this is very nerve wracking.

And I feel like my nerve's are down to a thin coating, and I can feel everything!!!! Even the air moving across my skin.

Having had this before, and pretty sure that I'm NOT still in a coma from that operation.... I know this will pass in a few days.

So, I'm going to eat junk food, sulk on the sofa while watching endless crap on the TV, talk to my cat a lot more then he likes, and in general try to stay away from people!!!! Sigh


Mother's Moon's Message said...

hope you get out of your slump... yet it sounds familiar.. maybe you are on to something... your remedy for it... (last paragraph)... too funny....

mxtodis123 said...

Gosh, I'm feeling the same way today. Thought it was just me. My mind is feeling as if in a fog, and I have been unable to complete anything. My clients have really been acting out, too, making the day even more miserable

Rue said...

Feeling rather puffy and odd myself. Some sleep might help.

Feel free to stow away in my luggage - I'll let you out in Mexico!

halloween spirit said...

Sounds familiar. I also like the sound of your solution! I may have to try that myself :)

Judith said...

Mesico! Goddess, unzip your suitcase... I'm hopping in!!! LOL Maybe that's what I need... a vacation.