Friday, November 20, 2009

trying to contain my enthusiasm

Of course, that picture above isn't ME!!! I swear it isn't!!!! Well, maybe it is...but I was FORCED to wear that costume....DRUGGED... yes, that's it.... they drugged me!

I'm trying to contain my enthusiasm.....since it's like 8 MONTHS to my Star Trek convention in July!!!!

But, I think that because I missed the one this summer, I am over excited about going to he next one! And seeing the new star trek movie didn't do anything but make me MORE EXCITED!

LOL see, I have no life!!!! The convention is so far away, I shouldn't even been thinking about it, but I did reserve the room at the hotel two months ago! Getting a room at Shore Leave (that's the convention.. is sometimes almost impossible! The hotel sells out really fast, so I moved like a striking snake an grabbed a room. giggle

And one of you gals.... you know who you are... is not helping me at all!!!

I gave her a idea for a costume at her Star Trek con.... and now I'm thinking....

I haven't been in the "masquerade" contest at my Star Trek con in like 15 years!!!!! Maybe I should steal the idea I gave her and enter the contest myself!!!!

And on top of that, I found myself rooting in my closet for my Trek clothing!

You see I have a special place in my closet where I put new outfits that I don't want to ruin by wearing...(hanging my head in shame) so that I can have them in pristine condition for the Convention!

I refuse to wear star trek tee shirts and take on the unwashed, grungy persona that some people look at the conventions

And I insist on wearing NICE, NEW, AND CLASSY clothing! Short skirts are optional, but V necks and push up bra's are a must! GIGGLE

So, I'm going to try and calm down now, no need to check out clothing, or to think of costume idea's.... is there? I mean, how much of a geek can I be?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You've got 8 months to come up with the perfect, take-no-geek-prisoners Star Trek costume: go for it! Start today!

The Frog Queen said...

LOL! Your posts always make me chuckle....wish I could be there...I am a closet Trekkie too! :D


halloween spirit said...

I'll hang on to your red shirt/ ghost idea just in case. It might work! :D