Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Invisible woman

I was reading a nice Lady's blog... and she was talking about becoming a crone and becoming the "invisible woman"

She's quite right, we do tend to become invisible as we get older, but I think it's more in our minds.... and transfers to our body's.

Now I have noticed, once or twice, that that seems to be happening.... but I'm not one to take such things lightly.... and I needed to shake up the bottle and see where it spirts!

I've never been the "normal" one in the group. I've been chubby since my son was born, and I'm not too tall.... so sometimes people look past me, instead of at me... AND I DON'T LIKE THAT!

So I checked myself out, and notice that I've changed!!!!!

I'd stopped wearing high heels (my poor tired feet) and stopped wearing makeup, and I let my hair go gray.... and I had just sunk into the (normal) depression that older women get.

Oh, and worst of all... I stopped wearing my V neck tops to show off my bounteous bosom!!!

Once I took that ,I said....FUCKING NO WAY!!!!!!

I've always prided myself in looking younger then the people I grew up with, and here I was letting MYSELF down!

I don't give a fig what others think of me, but my sinking into "Cronehood" was of my own making.... how rude of me!

dyed my hair, even though I liked the gray, I started checking my appearance when I go out.

First I started off by having my morning coffee........ then putting my makeup on! Doesn't matter if I'm going out or staying in, I slathered the makeup on... and I started feeling perkier.

Then I took out the shoes with the heels and left them out! I may walk around the house in my slippers....but if the doorbell rings, or even if I just go out to get the mail...the heels go on!!!

Or my sneakers with the skull and cross bones on them! Love those Goth sneakers!

Another thing I noticed is that I stopped wearing all my silver jewelry!!! Why? I have no idea, just seemed like too much work to get it out and put it on.

So today I took it all out and "adorned" myself!

I noticed it most today when I went to wall mart. I no longer had to wonder around to find someone to help me. I walked tall, and every time I stopped at a department, help came right up to me.

Like I said, I don't like to go unnoticed.

And yes, I'm tired, and I have a bad back and a bum hip and knee....but I'm not going to let others see me hobble around. It may just be make believe, but when I'm out I'm TALL and PROUD, AND SEXY AS ALL GET OUT!

Take THAT, my inner old crone! I'm not giving into you anymore! :P


mxtodis123 said...

Ah, I thank you for your comment on my blog and also agree wholeheartedly with what you say We don't have to become invisible and most of the time I am not, but on the New Yor City subway system , any woman over a certain age becomes invisible...and she doesn't have to even be a crone. Like you, I have always looked much younger than my age. When a co-worker found out that I was born in 1947, she was shocked. And, I also color my hair a nice blonde shade. I've never worn heels due to weak ankles, but I pride myself on the way I dress. But, no matter what you do here, when you are riding the New York City Subway system, a gent will look at you like you are not even there, but let a young, perky female get on and boy, he can't give up his seat fast enough.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I like the Spongebob cartoon, LOL! But I'm not sure that sweet, innocent Spongebob would actually look at boobs, would he?

Rue said...

You go girl! I can't wear heels - I'm a klutz naturally, so I have to be really careful. I envy people who can do that high-heel strut!

CatHerder said...

I JUST had this conversation the other day. I was at the mall with hubby, and caught a glimpse of myself in the window reflection and said wow, is that ME?! Id gone from a sleep 100 lbs to 130...nice clothes and heels to jeans and sweatshirts..coiffed locks to waist length straight that moment last week i decided to snap out of it...ive been wearing makeup every day (except for work i cant wear it there)and dressing a little nicer..i must say im feeling better about myself. GREAT POST! btw..hubby seems a little happier as well ;-)

Judith said...

I can't wear spike or real high heels too. I always buy shoes that have a chunky heel. Thick and stable, but at least 2 inch's high. this way, I look taller, but don't fall over. giggle

Mother's Moon's Message said...

You go Judith... I pulled out my heeled boots the other day and have to say they made me feel good... It definately does help how you carry yourself.... Like you I refuse to grow old, Although I think the lack of manners that Mxtodis123 talked about is a completely different subject. Some people are just rude... However looking good and staring at someone until they get up or simply walking up to them and saying excuse me may I have that seat can't hurt... It is all an attitude... Love how you were determined not to let the old lady in yet.... way to go...

The Frog Queen said...

Great way to tell the tale! I loved it! :D

I hear you! I love flats....but I feel so much better in heels and a bit of makeup. Just something to give me that little boost.