Saturday, November 21, 2009


UGH! Vacation.... the word that sends shutters in each and every mother!!!

It's Thanksgiving vacation, and the "Boy" is coming home!!!!

It's just for a few days....but I have soooooooooo gotten used to the peace and quiet of an empty house!!! Now he's going to be here today, and the noise and talking, and blaring TV, and the mass consumption of foods, will begin!

Sigh, I'm such a bad mother.... but it was so nice here!

I just have to keep repeating my mantra..."It's only for a week, it's only for a week, it's only for a week.........."

I just had to add, that I felt so guilty about not wanting him home,,,, I'm making his favorite food... stuffed cabbage with ribs and sauerkraut.... takes for EVER to make, so I think that is enough penance! giggle


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your son is a good looking young guy!

Judith said...

REALY? LOL it's weird, when you first meet him, your sure he's going to mug you or kill you... he's got a totaly evil look... but after a while you realize he's a pretty good guy... not that he couldn't kill you with one finger (Mom taught him mad skills!) but still... a good kid.