Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lamp post planter

I have a large "lamp post planter" that I got a few years ago. It's actually two planters that fit together around a lamp post or any kind of pole, and makes it look like one solid planter.

Over the years it has had a lot of different flowers in it. Mostly Cosmo's. I love their color. And a large Sedum has taken over one side of the planter.... and that's cool with me.... nice colors, and greenery! What more can you ask for.

This summer I had Chives and cosmo's in the front side, looked good, but I wanted to try something different.... so I planted chionodoxa bulbs in the front part this morning.

bluish/purple flowers with white centers. They say they are really early bloomers, before the leaves come out on the trees.... so it should look good there in the early spring.

I have to admit not having a talent with bulbs. (except for tiger Lily's)

Any other type of plant thrives with my care....but bulbs seem to flower once, and disappear! Not that I'm complaining since every thing else does fantastic.... I don't mind having a black "Pinkie" where bulbs are concerned. So lets hope we get at least one flowering out of these guys!


mxtodis123 said...

That is beautiful. I have never worked with bulbs and no longer have my garden, but I was always blessed with a green thumb for outdoor plants, but have no talent for the poor indoor plants. I've even lost a cactus.